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Food in Munich is hearty, home cooked and delicious - just what you need to soak up the beer. When eating out the food is consistently of a high standard, reasonably priced and there are often daily seasonal specials available on the menu. Most restaurants pay homage to Bavarian cuisine serving cripsy pork knuckles, spit roasted chickens, Wiener schnitzels, barbecued spare ribs and a variety of sausages. Lighter snacks such as salads and cold meat platters are available for the not so hungry. The local delicacy is the Munich Weisswurst.

To many Bavarians, beer is not considered alcohol but part of their basic nutrition!

The beer will be cold, thirst quenching and have a large foamy head. it is usually served in a one litre stein called a mass. The most popular beer is a "Helles" which is a pale golden lager type beer. However other beers are available such as dark beer, strong seasonal beers and wheat beers.

In most places you will be able to get schnapps to accompany your beer. Schnapps is a distilled liqueur of above 32% strength, usually 40%. In southern Germany most schnapps are made from fruit such as apples, pears and plums.

Smoking is not allowed in Munich's beer halls but you will often see men partaking a pinch of snuff.

See below the typical Munich toast when drinking beer "Ein Prosit"